Real Life Benefits: Our CO2 Extraction Process Matters

Only the best instruments and process will do in today’s medical cannabis industry. When so many rely on the end product for a better quality of life, it is the combined responsibility of cannabis producers and processors to produce the highest quality medical product possible. Anything less can have a detrimental impact on people’s health.

The foundation of a quality end product is the use of highly efficient and reliable technology. While there are other extraction processes available to processors, the supercritical CO2 extraction process is quickly gaining a reputation as the most sought after for its efficacy in extracting the purest oils. When health is at risk, there is nothing more important than knowing the machinery being used creates a reliable end product.

Here are some real-life stories that remind us all why Pure Extraction strives to bring the most consistent and responsible supercritical CO2 machines to the cannabis processing market.

Joanne Fiorito, 61 from Montreal: Joanne has lived with multiple sclerosis for most of her life and now can barely lift her feet when walking and sometimes uses an electric wheelchair to get around. Her symptoms continued to worsen despite the daily regimen of painkillers and muscle relaxants. Last winter her neurologist suggested she participate in a clinical trial on medical cannabis. Since incorporating cannabis into her day, Joanne has reported increased movement and decreased stiffness. She says it was like a miracle.

Abigail Weightman, 16 from Pickering: Abigail suffers from Dravet Syndrome, an incurable, rare form of epilepsy that causes seizures, significant developmental delays and learning disabilities. The introduction of a study by Toronto’s SickKids Hospital on the effects of cannabis oil on children with drug-resistant epilepsy was life changing for the Weightman family. Before the study, Abigail was having eight to 10 seizures a month. Since trying this specific cannabis oil treatment, she had only had three seizures in all of 2018 (as of the beginning of August).

Our Pure Extraction high efficiency systems are quickly becoming known as the process of choice due to its green benefits, high safety rating and approval by Health Canada. Learn more today.

About Pure Extraction

We specialize in the design, development, manufacturing and service of Supercritical C02 Extraction Systems. Our Canadian made products are built with the main focus on quality, ease-of-use, and with the highest potential efficiency in mind. We invite you to connect with our team to discuss your specific needs and how C02 Extraction can increase your efficiency and support a more environmentally-friendly direction.