Beyond Cannabis: The Impact of C02 Extraction for Personal Use

It’s an interesting and exciting time to be involved in the C02 Extraction process here in Canada as we bear witness to the increasing focus on natural health remedies, be it cannabis or essential oils. While the use of essential oils for bathing, cosmetic and medicinal purposes goes back thousands of years in different cultures, the industry has recently gained in popularity and exposure due to more mainstream accessibility through online and retail operators.

The one defining factor for both the cannabis and essential oils industry is the need for highly efficient and reliable technology to help create pure, refined and consistent oils. While there are other extraction processes available to processors, the supercritical CO2 extraction process is quickly gaining a reputation as the most sought after for its efficacy and green benefits.

The role of essential oils varies widely from simple cosmetic to mood-enhancing to wellness. However, the understanding and the value consumers place on the quality of the oils, meaning free of toxins, should not be undervalued. Compared with other extraction processes, extracted oil through our Pure Extraction supercritical CO2 extraction does not contain any residual petroleum particles.

Natural Health Products Regulations:

To be legally sold in Canada, all-natural health products must have a product licence, and the Canadian sites that manufacture, package, label and import these products must have site licences. To get product and site licences, specific labelling and packaging requirements must be met, good manufacturing practices must be followed, and proper safety and efficacy evidence must be provided. That’s where Pure Extraction excels. You can confidently provide proof of efficacy when using our highly effective systems.

About Pure Extraction

We specialize in the design, development, manufacturing and service of Supercritical C02 Extraction Systems. Our Canadian made products are built with the main focus on quality, ease-of-use, and with the highest potential efficiency in mind. We invite you to connect with our team to discuss your specific needs and how C02 Extraction can increase your efficiency and support a more environmentally-friendly direction.