Oil Extraction Expected to Boom With Increased Recreational Use

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With legalization of marijuana taking affect this month, there is no doubt that there will be an increased spotlight on the cannabis industry as a whole. While many are focused on the legalities and the social impact, once the legalization process is mainstream, we expect the focus to shift to the business of cannabis and cannabis oil, which will include the process and benefits of various extraction processes.

With an increased demand and increased scrutiny, it will be paramount that organizations actively involved in extraction look at their process and the impact on the market and the environment. With historical increases in electricity use and pollutants entering waterways from marijuana operations, the increase in demand will likely only exaggerate the problem… unless changes are made to production.

The C02 extraction process is quickly becoming known as the process of choice due to its green benefits, its high safety rating and its approval by Health Canada. Socially conscious operations will look to C02 extraction systems to help minimize its carbon footprint. Beyond the environment, here are the key benefits to using a Pure Extraction system:

  • Non-Toxic: Compared with other extraction processes, extracted oil through C02 extraction does not contain any residual petroleum particles.
  • Carbon-Neutral: Does not contribute toward carbon emission increases in our atmosphere.  CO2 utilized is pulled from the atmosphere.
  • Customizable: By varying and fine tuning the temperature, pressure, and the flow rate during the extraction process, multiple varieties of the end product can be produced.
  • Premium End Product: Those using C02 extraction have a reputation as producing the highest quality oil extracts.

While studies show that cannabis oil is the fastest growing segment in this shifting industry, with the legalization of marijuana and increased recreational use, the need for cannabis oil, and therefore extraction systems, will continue to grow. According to a recent Globe & Mail article, there are currently 700 job postings to meet the expected demand of the cannabis market.

In the coming weeks and months ahead we will be keeping a close eye on the industry and its shifting demands. We expect to see new interest in advancing the extraction technology and research to continuously provide the best product to meet our nations’ needs.

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