Pure Pre-Order Y2019 Program

At Pure we are dedicated to providing the most innovative products in our market.  As of March 15 we are pleased to announce our upcoming Y2019 series systems with a range of groundbreaking enhancements and cutting edge technology, many of which are considered ‘firsts’ in our industry.  These include:

  • Active Diffuser Tech
  • New-Easy-Open Threaded Extraction Vessels
  • Inline 2-Stage Separation
  • Water Jacketed Separation Vessel
  • Water Jacketed PreHeater
  • Full Automation
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • PROJECT U ready (information to follow)

All of which are to push the envelope of CO2 systems for faster extraction rates, high efficiencies, ease-of-use, and ongoing durability. 

Our new designs are being put through their paces at our offsite Research and Development lab and reviewed by our third-party strategic partners for independent metrics.

In the meantime, similar to other innovative manufacturing companies such as Tesla, we are providing the opportunity for pre-orders in exchange for discounted prices to a limited number of participants.

Available sized systems include, 5.0L, 10.0L, and 20.0L.

The Pure Partnership Service also included is our pre- and post- extraction consultation, and free shipping and onsite training.

If you are a company looking to start, or even expand, into the extraction market, contact us directly at the following